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Defeat the Knights and Kill the King!

My entry for the ChessJam 2018. First person puzzle game where you must clear the chess board of knights before taking the king.

Puzzles are randomly generated so you can play for as long as you like!


Mouse - look around

Left Mouse - select a tile to move to or to take a piece from the board.

ESC - open menu

How to Play:

On the chess board there are several Silver Knights and one Golden King. You must take all of the knights before being able to take the king.

You can move around the board freely one square at a time. If you move into line of sight of a Knight he will kill you.

You can take any piece on the board that you can see directly. This will move you to that square on the board.

There is also a shield present on the board. Collect this and the next Knight who attacks will be killed instead of you. The shield can only be used once. It is sometimes required to collect the shield to complete the puzzle (when two Knights are facing each other).

When you die the puzzle will be reset. When you complete the puzzle a new puzzle will be generated. If you are stuck or want to generate a new puzzle press ESC to open the menu and press Play, this will generate a new puzzle.



ChessJam_killTheKing.zip 67 MB

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